Case Studies

Case Study 1

Client : BAM Construction

Location : New Dunfermline High School

Job Requirements : Full builders clean and sparkle clean internally and externally of new high school.

Up to 40 cleaning operatives on site. Brief was to carry out full builders clean and sparkle clean of entire school .. approx 15000 sq metres (180,000 sq ft).

The cleaning was phased throughout the project .. handing areas back to the client clean and ready for inspection and occupation by the school staff .. a sparkle clean of the entire school was required over the last 7 days (40 operatives). We cleaned the building externally (cladding, windows etc) which involved careful planning with the external contractors to ensure safe working and correct phased cleaning of the building.

This project was a massive task to deliver and very challenging as we were working around contractors working continuously which means craeful planning was required to ensure we were not doubling up on our workload. We had 4 supervisors on site and 36 operatives all working round the clock and within health and safety requirements.


Case Study 2

Client : Vinci Construction

Location : Tesco New development : Newport, South Wales

Job Requirements : Diamond polish, Builders clean and Retail / Sparkle clean.

This was a new Tesco development, approx 120 sq ft. Our brief was to clean the entire building which included a new Tesco store and several retail units.

Our scope of works included cleaning the entire building which included high level works, cleaning the steel structure within the store itself and the underside/soffit of the roof, a full builders clean and retail/sparkle clean of the building was undertaken and delivered to a high standard.

This project again involved careful planning and phasing of our works to ensure we were working with other contractors on site. At Optimal we appreciate that everybody on site has a job to do and we work with contractors to ensure the cleaning gets done at the right time so that it does not effect the projects schedule.

This project was delivered with approx 20 operatives working both internally and externally .. one areas that required special attention was the main entrance atrium which involved high level works … working over travelators that had already been installed .. this meant careful planning and execution .. working in an area like that takes planning, very accurate driving of plant and very high health and safety awareness.

The store was delivered on time and on budget .. the client was delighted and we continue to work with Vinci Construction on various different projects.


Case Study 3

Client : RG Group

Location : Morrisons Hadleigh, Essex

Job Requirements: Diamond Polish, Builders Clean and Sparkle Clean.

This was a 65,000 sq ft new Morrisons store .. our brief was to carry out the diamond polish and cleaning works over a 4 week period.

This was a particularly challenging project due to a couple of different factors. The building programme was running behind schedule due to adverse weather conditions over the Christmas period .. the handover of the project was early Jan 2012. The store was built on a main road meaning that cleaning the building externally was particularly challenging .. the external building works were still ongoing as we were cleaning the building .. right up to 4am on the morning of handover.

Due to the tight timescales and volume of building works still ongoing on the last 4 days of the project Optimal had 40 cleaning operatives working inside the building round the clock over the last 4 days prior to practical completion .. we had teams of power washers and window cleaner working day and night to clean the building externally and cleaning operatives working on shifts internally.

Our directors were also on this job for the last 96 hours round the clock to ensure that the co-ordination and delivery was happening. The job was handed over successfully at 9am on the morning of PC.


Case Study 4

Client : Tesco Stores Ltd

Location : Saxmundham

Job Requirements : Diamond Polish, Builders clean and retail/sparkle clean of 25000 sq ft new Tesco store.

This was our first project working direct for Tesco Stores Ltd .. this store was being considered as a pilot by the new stores team within Tesco as they were aiming to set a nationwide standard for the cleaning of new stores.

Optimal worked very closely with the Tesco team and the main contractor to ensure everybody was aware of the scope and how we were achieving the standard required. We had a team working in the store over 4 weeks and cleaned the entires store including the diamond polishing, high level cleaning of steel and ducts etc and a full builders clean of the entires store including the sale floor area, warehouse area and staff area. We also cleaned all the glass and power washed the building.

Again .., we worked closely with the contractors on site to ensure the most efficient way of working was undertaken and that the cleaning programme was phased to meet the contractors requirements for installation of equipment ie shelving, racking, refigeration etc.

The project was delivered on time and on budget. We look forward to receiving an allocation of work from Tesco in the near future.